Motorcyclists Headed for Kerrville Struck by Hydroplaning F-150 Ford Pickup

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Not every car crash case is clear in terms of liability. Last month, a particularly hazardous stretch of road, according to area residents – Texas 105 East – was the site of a fatal car crash involving an F-150 Ford pickup truck and a group of motorcyclists headed for Kerrville, Texas.

As KATC News reports, it is unclear whether or not the driver of the F-150 was speeding or otherwise driving recklessly. It is also unclear whether the group of motorcyclists was traveling safely or not. What is clear, however, is that it was raining, and the wet roads likely caused the F-150 pickup truck to hydroplane and crash into the motorcyclists.

In addition to Texas 105 East, car accidents often occur on another stretch of road (highway I-10 near Kerrville, Texas). As reported by KATC News, area resident Pam Meroney said, “This happens all the time. It’s an everyday occurrence. There’s too many cross sections. People pull out of that Shell station and don’t look where they’re going. It needs a light. We need more red lights on this road.”

The F-150 pickup truck was behind motorcyclists Allen and Tammy Hayes, apparently heading west, when it lost traction on the wet road surface and hydroplaned, colliding into the Hayes, who had been riding out in front. The collision killed the Hayes.

Motorcyclist Gary Cox witnessed the accident and almost crashed himself, according to KATC News. He said, “I either had to lay the bike down on the pavement or the ditch. Grass is a lot softer, so I laid it down in the ditch.”

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