Students From Texas Involved in Big Rig Crash

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A big rig crash has injured roughly 24 people, as the Washington Post reports; fortunately, only one of the passengers involved in the crash is said to be in “serious condition.” As is often the case in large accidents like these, many people are seriously hurt or even killed.

It’s not known at this point how well the passenger in serious condition is doing. What is known, however, is that a chartered school bus carrying high school students heading toward Florida from Texas crashed into an overturned big rig on the highway.

The students attend Del Rio High School, which is located approximately 150 miles west of San Antonio, as the Washington Post reports. The tractor trailer accident happened just inside the Alabama state lines. The big rig was loaded full of computers and similar equipment, which were strewn across the road after impact.

State trooper Greg Eubanks said, “The bus just didn’t see it.” Kelt Cooper, superintendent of the school district in which Del Rio High School is located, said, “The whole town is praying for these students. This is a big shaker.”

And Susan Blackwell said, “It’s a mess. We’ve been out here since 2 a.m. trying to get it cleaned up.” According to the Washington Post, Blackwell’s husband owns a wrecker company.

The Texas high school students were heading to Florida for a band performance when the tractor trailer in front of the bus overturned; the bus driver apparently did not have time to avoid hitting it. It’s not clear at this time whether the trip will continue or be cancelled.

Source: The Washington Post, “Charter bus carrying high school students hits overturned rig on Ala. interstate; dozens hurt,” by the Associated Press, 06/06/11