Heavy Metal Singer Dies in Motorcycle Accident

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This recent motorcycle accident in Texas, in which the rider suffered fatal injuries after getting struck by a pickup truck towing a horse trailer, exemplifies the danger of motorcycle riding. Of that danger, the victim’s brother-in-law, Jose Lopez, said, “We know the risk that every time we jump on a bike. There’s certain risks out there, and we try to watch out for those risks,” as Tim Gerber reports for KSAT San Antonio.

Victor Villarreal was just 41 years old when he was killed. His death follows the death of his wife, Jessica Villarreal, who died in a motorcycle accident nearly one year ago.

As bad as those facts sound, the Villarreals leave behind two children, both under 18 years old, a son and daughter.

As Gerber reports, Lopez said, “I think everybody is still numb at this point. We know what we need to do, but trying to get it done is difficult. It doesn’t get any easier, that’s for sure.”

Lopez and Victor Villarreal founded the Sentinels Motorcycle Club and Lopez says that Villarreal wore his helmet and stressed safety among the members of the club.

Villarreal was the lead singer in heavy metal band One of Sixx and his wife sang backup vocals.

This motorcycle is a reminder that helmet or no helmet, safety should be every driver’s and motorcycle rider’s number one concern. From the possibility of neck and spinal cord injury to brain injury among motorcyclists, safety should take precedence over anything else when it comes to riding.

And, sometimes, even safe riding will not be enough.