Two big rigs crash in Texas, one gets ‘sliced’

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2011 | Truck Accidents |

In one of the latest big rig crashes to occur on Texas highways, a load of McDonald’s Styrofoam cups were the only casualty, as Jennifer Bell reports for the Kingwood Observer. The two truck drivers did not appear to be seriously injured.

But the facts of the dual 18-wheeler accident are quite dramatic. As one driver pulled his rig into a U-turn on the highway, the other driver slammed into it, slicing the trailer portion of the vehicle in half. Out spilled the McDonald’s Styrofoam cups.

The truck driver who made the U-turn said, “The company gave me the wrong directions, so I had pulled over. When I had got the right directions, I decided to make a U-turn here. The other guy hit the middle of my trailer. I didn’t even see him coming,” as Bell reports.

It’s the driver’s first truck accident after 18 years in the business. He was cited for making an unsafe U-turn, according to Bell.

Source: The Kingwood Observer, “18-wheeler sliced in half in Porter accident,” by Jennifer Bell, 07/26/11