Man involved in 28 car accidents since 2000

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There’s a man who drives a tow truck and, as fate would have it, this man seems to be the brunt of extreme irony. He drives a tow truck, yet he seems to be the one most in need of his own services. He’s been involved in 28 accidents since 2000, as Megan Luther reports for the Argus Leader.

It’s not clear whether the 29-year-old man has caused a commercial truck accident with his tow truck, but he’s had 14 various types of motor vehicles, according to accident records, from a newer Dodge Charger to a big Ford F-250.

The only thing he was willing to say was: “My vehicles have been hit a lot.”

All of the tow truck driver’s accidents were “minor,” as Luther reports, ranging in speeds from 5 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour.

Says Police Chief Lyndon Overweg, “I don’t know if he is defensively driving to avoid accidents either. Could he maximize his chance to get in accidents? You bet he could. Could a lot of people? Yes. I think most people will drive defensively and not choose to do that.”

Source: The Argus Leader, “Mitchell man might be most accident-prone S.D. driver,” by Megan Luther, 08/13/11