VIA Metro Transit bus hits parked GMC Suburban

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2011 | Bus Accidents |

San Antonio Police Detective Charles Campa said, “You’ve just got to pay attention – that’s what it boils down to,” as Jessica Kwong reports for the San Antonio Express-News.

But Campa also said, “I think it was just a combination of bad lighting and the vehicle being dark-colored. It just seemed like an accident,” referring to a bus accident that caused relatively minor injuries to two passengers on board the bus.

19-year-old Eunice Tabarez had just gotten the air conditioner on her GMC Suburban repaired and was walking away from her parked SUV, along with boyfriend Graciano Rivera, when they heard the bus crash.

Rivera said, “The driver was in shock. He wouldn’t answer my questions.”

And Tabarez’s mother said, “Look at how the car was left. But it’s just a material loss. The good thing is my daughter and her boyfriend are OK.”

As Kwong reports, the bus hit the SUV and dragged it roughly 60 feet.

Source: San Antonio Express-News, “2 injured as bus smashes into SUV,” by Jessica Kwong, 08/31/11