Obama’s Uncle Arrested for Drunk Driving, Released

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2011 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

Onyango Obama is President Obama’s uncle. Onyango was arrested for drunk driving in August after he was caught swerving and almost hit a police officer’s squad car, nearly causing a DWI accident.

As can be expected, due to the upcoming presidential election, one side is taking advantage of the situation, using it as ammunition against the other.

As John Parkinson reports for ABC News, Congressional lawmaker Lamar Smith, of Texas, issued a statement against President Obama.

Smith’s statement reads: “It appears there is a double standard – one for President Obama’s family and one for everyone else. Last year, President Obama’s illegal immigrant aunt was granted asylum and now his illegal immigrant uncle has been released from ICE custody, even though he was arrested by authorities for drunk driving.”

Smith calls it “backdoor amnesty,” alleging that illegal immigrants benefit from President Obama’s immigration policies, which allow for deportation – or, in Onyango’s case, being “quietly released” from the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement – rather than more strict punishment like jail time for drunk driving.

Source: ABC News, “President’s Uncle Benefits from Backdoor Amnesty, Top Republican Claims,” by John Parkinson, 09/09/11