San Antonio Drivers Average One Accident Every Eight Years

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Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report for 2011 shows that San Antonio, Texas, ranks 142 (out of 200 larger cities) for the number of car wrecks per driver on average. San Antonio drivers get into one car accident, on average, around every eight years.

The national average, according to the San Antonio Business Journal, is one car accident every 10 years, so San Antonio drivers have that number beat.

And as Deborah Netburn writes for the Los Angeles Times, San Antonio is the third city – behind only Phoenix and San Diego – with a population over one million where drivers are least likely to get into a car wreck.

Where’s the Worst?

So, we’ve established that San Antonio is not the worst. In fact, San Antonio isn’t an unsafe large city in which to be a motorist, all things considered.

So where’s the worst place to drive?

According to the Best Drivers Report, Washington, D.C., got the worst ranking – drivers in D.C. are liable to get into an auto accident at more than 107 percent the national average.

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