The call lasted one second but killed 11 people

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2011 | Truck Accidents |

As the Houston Chronicle reports, truck driver Kenneth Laymon, 45, went across the center median and hit a van full of 10 people, on their way to a wedding, killing all of them. Laymon also died as a result of the big rig crash.

The cause? Laymon had just made a phone call – which lasted only a second – before the fatal crash occurred, leading one to suspect that Laymon had taken his eyes off the road and was distracted.

The National Transportation Safety Board is now pushing a ban on using a mobile phone – this ban would presumably outlaw both talking and texting – while driving an 18-wheeler or other commercial vehicle.

Here are two reader comments, responding to the NTSB’s proposed ban:

  • DON’T STOP THERE! Ban all hand held cell phone usage in every vehicle
  • Ban texting and cell phone use for anyone driving any vehicle

What do you think? As personal injury lawyers, banning all use of mobile phones or similar devices is probably a good idea. Many of our clients have seen first-hand the consequences of distracted driving.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Feds recommend ban on truckers using cell phones at wheel,” by Associated Press, 09/13/11