Fatal San Antonio car wreck claims two young lives

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“Just seeing that smile and knowing you can’t see it again; that image has to be imbedded in your heart and soul,” says Marlon “Coach J” Joplin, referring to a car crash that killed two little boys, ages seven and four, who were brothers.

Joplin heads up a youth football league, as Joe Conger reports for KENS 5 San Antonio.

“We have some great memories with them,” Joplin says. “The tears are definitely there.”

Texas law enforcement authorities said that driver Patrice Christian – mother of three boys, one of which apparently survived the wreck – was doing a U-turn when her car was hit broadside. Conger reports that Christian and her son were in critical condition in the hospital after the auto wreck.

Her two adopted sons both played football and were students in the Judson Independent School District. Aubrey Chancellor, with the District, says, “A lot of people throughout the district are familiar with [Patrice Christian] and they care about her and her family. Obviously everybody is thinking about them and our hearts are heavy today.”

It’s not clear from Conger’s report what exactly caused the car accident.

Source: KENS 5 San Antonio, “S.A. community mourns young brothers lost in tragic car wreck,” by Joe Conger, 10/11/11