‘Staunch advocate’ for seat belts gets off easy

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As Travis Ruiz reports for Connect Amarillo, Colorado Senator Suzanne Williams
entered a no-contest plea, paid $200 in fines, and $68 in court costs
– after causing a fatal
car crash that killed a woman who was pregnant at the time of the accident.

For reasons unknown, prosecutors did not charge Williams with criminally
negligent homicide, as was recommended in the original accident report,
which details Williams “veering” into Texas highway traffic
and colliding with an oncoming car.

In that oncoming car was 30-year-old Brianna Gomez. Though she did not
survive the accident, her son was delivered at the hospital by C-section
and was discharged in good condition.

Though Williams is a “staunch advocate” in her home state for
children wearing seat belts and being strapped into car seats, Williams’s
grandson, who was only three at the time of the accident, was ejected
from the car because he wasn’t in a car seat. (Fortunately, he survived.)

Williams is said to have retrieved her grandson and strapped him into the
car seat before investigators arrived on the scene.

Source: Connect Amarillo, “Colo. Senator pays $200 fine in fatal crash case,”
by Travis Ruiz, 10/07/11