Owner of trucking company helps create false ‘comic books’

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In the commercial trucking business, truck drivers must keep records of their driving activity – how long they’ve been behind the wheel. The rules are known as “hours-of-service,” and truckers aren’t supposed to drive longer than they’re allowed; the hours-of-service rules are meant to help prevent truck accidents.

But skirting the rules can be an example of human nature.

Logbooks have sometimes been referred to as “comic books,” falsified records that truck drivers show to law enforcement to make it appear as though they haven’t been behind the wheel too long.

Some truck drivers keep comic books on hand to keep themselves out of trouble, though it’s getting more and more difficult to falsify records because of onboard electronic recorders.

As Amanda James reports for the News Observer, one trucking company owner – rather than the truck drivers – was recently found guilty of falsifying driving logs in order to make it appear as though his drivers were logging the maximum number of hours, and no more.

The owner faces up to five years behind bars, as well as hefty fines.

Source: NC trucking company owner may face prison, fines over falsified driving logs