Report touts ‘economic treasure’ of Eagle Ford, we caution against accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2012 | Oil & Gas, Truck Accidents |

As Elizabeth Ames Jones writes for the San Antonio Express-News, the Eagle Ford Shale natural gas deposits – where much hydrofracking and oil drilling takes place – is a veritable “economic treasure,” a place that accounts for a full six percent of gross product for the region.

But with all the hand-clapping about how great the Eagle Ford Shale activity is, we must not forget that with all this activity will also come great risk for truck accidents and other types of accidents (like spillage of hazardous materials) that involve oil and gas workers, as well as local residents.

For example, when it comes to oil and gas companies engaged in the business of crude oil and natural gas extraction in the Eagle Ford Shale and Barnett Shale plays, the companies are not required to disclose what kind of chemicals they use.

According to a report in the Laredo Sun, not only are they not required to disclose the chemicals used, but there seems to be at least one spill per week of hazardous materials involving trucks going to and from the Eagle Ford Shale, according to the local fire chief.

SourceEagle Ford Shale new key to S.A. regional prosperity