Oil and gas operations must disclose chemicals used as of February

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2012 | Oil & Gas |

As Jack Z. Smith reports for the Miami Herald, oil and gas mining operators in Texas, such as those engaged in hydrofracking on the Barnett Shale, must now disclose the types of chemicals they use.

The rule was created by the Texas Railroad Commission, and is intended to be a step forward in preventing groundwater contamination, another of several kinds of oil and gas accidents (many of which involve big rig accidents that occur to and from the Barnett Shale).

Hydrofracking operators and representatives of these operators have continued to claim that hydrofracking is safe and does not damage the environment, nor will it cause harm to local residents who could be affected by hydrofracking operations.

Whether or not hydrofracking could cause groundwater contamination, the types of chemicals used is a legitimate concern, as big rigs and oil tankers commonly haul various types of chemicals and other materials down the highways.

When these trucks get into accidents, spillage has often been a result, and it would be good for first-responders (and motorists) to know what kind of chemicals they might be dealing with.

Source: Fracking disclosures are now required in Texas