Local city council concerned about ‘exponential’ growth in Eagle Ford Shale truck traffic

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This story is just one example among many involving heavy truck traffic from the Eagle Ford Shale, which is making things difficult for Texas drivers. Speed limits are one local government’s specific concern.

As Bob Thaxton reports for the Seguin Gazette, the local city council in Seguin wants the Texas Department of Transportation to look into speed limits; the council wants TxDOT to evaluate State Highway 46, a stretch of road that has seen its share of truck accidents.

“Council members … have expressed concern about the heavy traffic traveling through Seguin on Highway 46 and the collisions involving serious injuries as well as a recent fatality,” wrote the city manager, as Thaxton reports. “With the advent of new business, particularly the development of the Eagle Ford Shale oil field, the heavy truck traffic traveling through Seguin on Highway 46 has increased exponentially.”

The council members’ requests include a prohibition against truck drivers braking on the highway, requiring truckers to drive in the right-hand lane, a new traffic light, and a reduction in the speed limit.

SourceSeguin wants state speed limit study for SH46