Three 18-Wheelers Collide, Causing Injuries, Two Deaths

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2012 | Truck Accidents |

Two people were killed in an accident on Highway 85 and FM 1582 on Tuesday earlier this week. The accident involved three 18-wheelers, according to WOAI News, and took place outside Dilley, Texas, in Frio County.

Frio County is one of many Texas counties that are part of the Eagle Ford Shale. Frio County itself is part of the northern part of the Eagle Ford Shale. With a population of roughly 17,000 or so, Frio County is not heavily populated, yet sees its share of truck accidents because of the oil boom.

The WOAI News report did not include much detail, but it’s likely that this 18-wheeler accident involved the oil and gas industry. Big rigs must make hundreds of trips just to help create one well site; the work requires hauling of equipment, water, sand and other materials.

Source: Two killed, two injured in Frio County crash