Tanker truck hits and kills three people northeast of San Antonio

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As Marvin Hurst reports for KENS 5 News, what would have been a relatively
minor accident after a wrong-way driver hit a family in an SUV, turned
into a deadly three-person oil tanker crash involving what appears to be distracted or inattentive driving.

The accident happened just this morning in Schertz, Texas, northeast of
San Antonio, on I-35.

According to Hurst, the tanker truck driver apparently wasn’t paying
enough attention to the road. The driver “plowed into the scene,”
as Hurst writes, completely failing to notice the accident ahead, hitting
three people who were dealing with it – the wrong-way driver and two Good

It’s fair to guess that no one saw the tanker truck coming. It’s
up for debate whether anyone could have gotten out of the way even if
they had seen it. Fortunately, the family in the SUV sustained minor injuries,
along with a third Good Samaritan.

It’s important to remember to pay attention to the road. An investigation
will likely uncover exactly what the tanker truck driver was doing at
the time of the crash. These truck accidents often occur because of texting
while driving, being sleepy behind the wheel, or speeding. But they can
just as easily happen because of plain old inattention.

Source: Three killed following wrong-way I-35 driving crash near Schertz