Dog Owner Claims Dogs ‘Don’t Bite’ After Dogs Bite Cyclist

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As Joe Kemp reports for the NY Daily News, a cyclist’s regular ride through Central Park took a turn for the worse when two dogs came upon him. The 54-year-old was pedaling through the park in the late July morning when the off-leash animals attacked, biting his legs and feet.

Kemp doesn’t report on what type of breed these dogs were; possibly, indicating the type of breed would be irrelevant, given that it is generally the responsibility of the dog owner – no matter the breed – to keep adequate control over his or her pets.

In this case, the dogs were required to have been on leashes (they weren’t). The owner was also supposed to have records of vaccination on her person, as well as license documentation (she didn’t). When police officers arrived on the scene, the owner was arrested for these infractions.

The cyclist was treated at the hospital and appears to have suffered recoverable injuries. What’s most interesting – but not necessarily unusual – is the dog owner’s lack of taking responsibility. She “eventually” came over to pull the dogs off the cyclist.

And she said, “My dogs don’t bite.”

The cyclist, who says he fought the dogs with his bicycle, replied: “Look at my legs. They don’t bite?”

Source: Bicycler bit by 2 dogs