Semi-truck crashes while speeding around a turn, spills chemicals

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2012 | Truck Accidents |

Another Texas truck driver lost control of a semi this week, causing a big rig crash and spilling oil-related chemicals in the roadway. While no one was hurt, the tractor trailer accident is another example of how dangerous a speeding truck can be.

The crash occurred around 7 a.m. in northern Utah. Other motorists contacted the highway patrol to tell them about a semi-rig driving much faster than the posted speed limit. The truck, driven by a man from Garland, Texas, apparently flew past other cars while driving north.

Shortly afterwards, the truck tipped over as it tried to maneuver a turn while apparently still speeding. The crash closed the road in both directions for around two hours while officers cleaned up the wreckage and spilled chemicals. Law enforcement has not disclosed what chemicals leaked from the truck but one officer described the spill as oil-related.

Based on the witness phone calls, officers did give the driver a ticket for speeding.

While neither the driver nor passing motorists suffered injuries in the wreck, crashes like this are all too common. Truck drivers can easily lose control when driving at excessive speeds, especially on roads with frequent turns. Other industry realities like driver fatigue and incentives to drive fast can contribute to dangerous situations. Chemical cargos further compound the risks-chemicals can easily ignite during a wreck.

Despite all of these dangers, trucking companies often try to blame other cars for crashes and the dynamic nature of large wrecks makes it difficult to figure out what caused things to go wrong.

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