Surge in San Antonio cars crashing into buildings last week

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2012 | Car Accidents |

In four separate incidents last week, drivers drove their vehicles into houses around San Antonio. The crashes resulted from various causes but three of them involved teen drivers. Teenage drivers are often more likely to cause car accidents.

In one of the crashes, a 19 year old drove into his own house while pulling into his driveway. In a second, a 17 year old smashed into several parked cars, pushing one of them into a garage wall. That driver is facing DUI charges. The third teen driver crashed through a police officer’s home.

These crashes underscore risks involving teen drivers. Since teenagers are inexperienced behind the wheel, they can be particularly prone to dangerous judgment errors. Teenagers are also accustomed to relying upon technology like MP3 players and cell phones. Device-related distractions are an increasingly common cause of motor vehicle accidents.

A fourth accident last week involved a 55 year old man who may have experienced a medical event immediately before the collision. The driver did not have liability insurance at the time.

San Antonio police generally see only a single crash involving a building per month. Despite the dramatic increase this month, Ana Ley at My San Antonio reports that police believe the uptick is merely coincidental.

Source: My San Antonio, “Rash of crashes ‘just coincidence,'” Ana Ley, Aug. 15, 2012