Dogs ‘bred to fight lions’ take center stage in neighborhood dispute

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Told to either move away with their dogs or have the dogs taken away from them, Gary and Susan Kolb originally said they would move out. As neighbor Ron Barone said, “Why wouldn’t you move to a farm up here? There’s acres and acres and acres of land up here.”

But, despite allegations that the dogs have at least twice gotten into biting incidents, the dog owners were found to still be at home, with their dogs, and the dogs were not muzzled while outside (muzzling was also part of the order handed down by the municipal court).

Now, as Brendan Kuty reports, they’re headed back to municipal court, where the Kolbs will either accept or reject an offer for the dogs to go to a facility. In addition, the Kolbs might be on the hook for the payment of $10,000 for the cost of housing the dogs after they were seized by the city.

Apparently, if the Kolbs do not accept this offer, the next step would be trial, which could result in putting the dogs to sleep.

Now that the dogs have been seized, the Kolbs are apparently willing to move out of town in order to get their dogs back – although Susan Kolb says she wants all charges dropped (Kuty’s report does not specify the nature of the charges).

The Kolb’s dogs are of the African Boerbels breed, which is apparently bred to fight lions.

Source: Neighbors: Don’t give couple their dogs back after attacks