Fatal Accident Involving Ambulance and 18-Wheeler

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On Tuesday this week, the driver of an ambulance pulled out against a red light. The woman in the passenger seat of the ambulance, an emergency medical technician who is said to have loved her job, probably didn’t see it coming. As the ambulance pulled out, the 18-wheeler with the right-of-way on a green light came through the intersection, crashing into the ambulance.

The 43-year-old EMT in the passenger seat was thrown from the ambulance and pinned underneath the vehicle wreck, losing her life at the scene from her obviously serious injuries, and the ambulance driver now faces criminal charges.

Local authorities called the woman’s mother by phone. Her mother said, “It just couldn’t be real, I just started screaming and hollering, not my baby, not my baby,” as Sarah Batista reports for WBTV 3 News.

The ambulance driver faces court in December. Because he was formally charged, it’s clear that the authorities feel as though the man is culpable in causing the crash that killed his co-worker. It’s not clear, however, why he pulled out against the red light. Batista’s report does not reference alcohol or drugs, nor does it reference any other behavior like speeding or reckless driving. In this case, it may just be not paying enough attention to the road.

SourceEMT charged in deadly ambulance wreck that killed co-worker