Pit Bull Busts out of Kennel, Mauls Grandmother to Death

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2012 | Dog Bites & Animal Attacks |

As Denise A. Justin reports for Opposing Views, a woman died a “gruesome death” from an animal attack, as the police officer on the scene described it, when her granddaughter’s pit bull broke out of its kennel and mauled the woman to death.

It was supposed to be the woman’s second start at life, of sorts, as she had just returned home from the hospital to rest after a heart transplant.

The dog apparently was not settled when first responders and other authorities arrived on the scene – it was in fact out of control, as Justin describes the scene, with first responders attempting to wedge objects in the door (which the dog had broken after it escaped its kennel) to no effect.

So the police were forced to shoot the pit bull.

In response, one lawmaker in the state in which this incident occurred came out with strong language against the pit bull breed: “It’s a flawed animal.” He apparently does not want to outright ban pit bulls in his state, but increase the penalties involved against the owner if the owner’s pit bull goes crazy and bites someone (or worse).

Justin quotes the legislator: “It’s pretty tragic that we have to wait until people are killed. Maybe it will take another couple of deaths. Maybe another child has to lose their life. It’s unfortunate but sometimes legislation is driven by tragedy.”

Source: Pit Bull Kills Nellie Davis after Heart Transplant, OK Legislator Wants Tough Laws