South Texas roads need ‘more than just a facelift’ because of big rigs

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2012 | Truck Accidents |

As Joe Conger reports for KENS 5 San Antonio, things aren’t looking too hot for many South Texas counties affected by the Eagle Ford Shale big rig traffic. “Six of our counties are considered economically distressed counties,” says Frio County Judge Carlos Garcia. “We are already in a situation where we can barely afford our infrastructure.”

What these counties need, according to Conger’s report, is money. And they need enough of it for roads that are in terrible disrepair because of big rig traffic. Not only are the roads in bad shape, but many roads aren’t safe enough to drive on, which is one of the common causes of truck accidents in the Eagle Ford Shale.

In other words, unsafe road conditions and poorly maintained roads in South Texas are becoming the norm – rather than the exception – because of the oil boom.

Conger quotes the mayor of Dilley: “Our roads are a mess. They will need a facelift, more than just a facelift. And I think we’re all in the same situation. I know we won’t be left behind, but we’re not seeing money yet.”

Not seeing money for road repair, despite how well the oil and gas companies are doing because of the oil boom, seems to be a commonplace thing in South Texas.

Source: Eagle Ford Shale counties bear big-rig burden of damages