Staples and Stitches After Bad Dog Attack in Odessa, TX

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Shannon Murray’s CBS 7 story describes a thin stray dog trotting up to an Odessa woman while she was taking out the trash in the morning. The woman, Bonne Anthony, could see its rib cage. She felt sorry for it. Thinking the animal hungry, she threw dog food.

That’s when the dog attacked, biting her face and the back of her head.

It took doctors 12 stitches and even staples in her head to patch her up – and now, understandably, Anthony isn’t too keen on dogs. “I adore animals. I’m kind of scared of them right now.”

But the dog bite itself isn’t the whole story.

According to Murray’s report, Anthony got the “run-around” from two Texas governmental agencies, Ector County Health Department and the Texas Department of State Health Services, when it came to getting a rabies shot.

Anthony first called the Ector County Health Department, asking about a vaccine, which told her to call the Department of State. In turn, the Department of State apparently wasn’t incredibly helpful, either. As it turns out, the Midland office was out of rabies vaccine.

“It took them two weeks,” Anthony said, as Murray quotes. “I have lost sleep, lost appetite…”

Source: Dog Bite Victim Struggles to Find Rabies Vaccine