Injured veterans file suit against trucker and railroad after Texas parade accident

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If the statements of Union Pacific are accurate regarding the collision in Midland, Texas, on Nov. 15, a truck driver pulling a parade float across railroad tracks did so in spite of flashing lights and bells. As a result, an oncoming Union Pacific freight train smashed into the float, injuring two veterans and their wives.

One of those veterans appears to have suffered spinal cord injury and paralysis in his legs.

And as Matthew Waller reports for Yahoo, four other veterans lost their lives in the accident.

The plaintiffs seek damages against the truck driver (and possibly his employer, oilfield equipment company Smith Industries), for negligence in driving, and Union Pacific, for failing to provide a safe crossing and proper warning.

However, it’s not clear what wasn’t safe or proper about the existing railroad crossing.

As Waller reports, a spokesman with Union Pacific said, “While we cannot comment on the lawsuit specifically, the timeline of events … shows the truck proceeded onto the tracks eight seconds after the red flashing lights and bells activated.”

Source: Four sue over deadly Texas train collision with veterans parade