Texting While Driving Possible Cause of Tragic San Antonio Accident

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2012 | Car Accidents, Distracted Driving |

A San Antonio ordinance bans texting while driving but it wasn’t enough to stop a motorist who ran into a father and his son as they were walking home.

As Ana Ley reports for the San Antonio Express-News, the 30-year-old father and his three-year-old son were on their way home from a celebratory dinner regarding possible employment after four years out of work, when a driver came along, clipped a telephone pole, hit the curb and struck the family.

The father and son were both killed, while the mother and older brother were both injured.

Bexar County law enforcement believes the culprit was distracted driving and has requested the driver’s mobile phone records. Ley quotes Officer Skip Conger: “People talking on the phone and driving or texting – it’s just a bad thing. It’s almost as bad as drinking and driving.”

As could be expected, the surviving older brother, who is four-years-old, apparently does not understand what has happened to his little brother. According to a family relative, the boy is “not prepared for this.”

No one is prepared for such a tragic accident, especially one that could probably have been avoided by staying off the phone and paying attention to the road.

Source: A family’s new hopes in life ended in accident