Isolated, chained dogs may be more likely to bite

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Dogs kept outside most of the time, day or night, chained up in the yard, are “bored” and “frustrated,” according to a nonprofit organization that sponsors a campaign called Valentines-from-24/7-Outside-Dogs.

And boredom and frustration is exactly the thing that can lead to a bite or related aggressive behavior.

At bottom, dogs are social animals. They need regular and consistent contact with people. Chained dogs, according to the report, are more likely to bite people. Beyond that, the quality of life for a dog left outside at all hours of the day is significantly lower, generally speaking, than dogs that are more or less part of the family.

And research bears this out, which is supported by the Humane Society of the United States and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

The Valentines-from-24/7-Outside-Dogs campaign involves tending from 25 to 50 dogs per week by giving them treats and toys and help to dog owners who seem open to bringing the dog inside the home.

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Source: Sweet Treats and Valentines Needed for 24/7 Outside Dogs