Texas Truck Crash Throws Dangerous Debris Onto Highway

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2013 | Truck Accidents |

When something goes wrong with a large, 18-wheel semi-truck, the crashing truck itself is just one of the dangers to passing motorists. A truck accident that occurred this week in Lubbock County, Texas shows another problem: the trailer left its cargo strewn all over the road.

This accident happened when the truck driver lost control for unknown reasons and drove through a guardrail and off the edge of an overpass. When the trailer landed on the road below it broke open and threw its full load of heavy car batteries onto the road and potentially into other cars.

Texas drivers rarely expect to have to suddenly avoid an avalanche of truck cargo. However, in many cases, this is exactly what happens when a trucker makes a mistake. Especially when cargo consists of many small, heavy objects like car batteries, it can be very difficult for passing motorists to steer clear of these obstacles.

Truck accidents almost always have severe consequences. Victims should consult with an experienced San Antonio personal injury lawyer after a crash.

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