Authorities respond after truck hits and kills pedestrian

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One of the reasons truck accidents are so serious is that trucks are so big compared to other vehicles. And the dangers caused by unsafe truck driving are of course even greater for pedestrians.

Sometimes, those dangers become all too real and result in terrible accidents. In Texas and across the country, authorities must therefore take action against truck drivers who engage in unsafe driving behavior. In one recent incident, a truck driver was ordered by federal authorities to stop driving after he struck and killed a child who had just gotten off a school bus.

The fatal accident occurred in North Carolina last week. A 7-year-old boy got off a school bus and the bus’s stop sign arm was out. Its warning lights were also on. But a logging truck did not stop, despite the engaged arm sign and the warning lights. Instead, the driver tried to pass the bus – only to hit the boy and fatally inure him.

Law enforcement authorities eventually arrested the driver. Prosecutors charged him with involuntary manslaughter, hit-and-run and several other offenses.

The other offenses that were charged included reckless driving, improper passing of a school bus, and drunk driving and driving while using or possessing drugs.

These charges were made by state authorities. But federal authorities also took action against the truck driver after the fatal accident. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued an order directing the 37-year-old driver to stop driving.

Investigators are still gathering evidence about the accident. But the FMCSA action shows how important it is for authorities to respond quickly when commercial drivers disregard public safety so glaringly.

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