Truck size increase could mean more car accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2013 | Truck Accidents |

When people are passed by a semi-truck, they often have a slight feeling of anxiety. These large vehicles can sometimes cause very severe accidents, and when put up against a car, the smaller vehicle will likely suffer the most damage, and its occupants may have severe injuries as a result of a collision.

Now, a study is being conducted to see if it would be feasible to increase the maximum size and weight of trucks allowed on the nation’s roadways. This could help some companies increase their profit margins, which are currently some of the lowest of any industry, according to reports. But, what are the risks of having larger vehicles on the roads?

Many professional truck drivers are voicing their opposition to an increase in truck size. They say that these trucks would only likely benefits some of the large truck carriers, which make up a very small percentage of the total industry, but they could put other people’s lives at risk on the road.

These supersized trucks often need special technology just to help keep them balanced and on the road. When this technology fails in current vehicles, the results can be a devastating accident. If the safety technology was to fail on a larger vehicle with a driver who has little experience operating without certain safety features, the results could be catastrophic.

These accidents can be life-altering for some victims, and result in significant financial loss. Speaking with an attorney after an accident in Texas might be a wise decision.

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