Texas is third in the number of dog bite incidents

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2013 | Dog Bites & Animal Attacks |

Dog bites and animal attacks appear to be an increasing problem across our state.  It was reported that Texas has the third highest amount of reported dog bite incidents in the country.  It appears that the number of dog bite incidents in the Texas area may actually increase during the summer months as well.

The response for at least one Texas community has been to put in force more restrictive ordinances that concern animal bites.  One such ordinance requires any dog deemed dangerous by animal control officials to have to register that dog and pay additional fees for keeping that dog within the community.

Dog attacks often do lead to significant injuries. When a dog is out of control, it may not let up on its attack. Instead, it will continue to inflict serious and disfiguring injuries until the dog is physically incapacitated.

If someone is injured due to a dog attack, it would be a good idea to consult with an attorney familiar with dog bite incidents. These attorneys understand that insurance companies generally cover these types of claims and are able to negotiate with these companies for a settlement.

Whatever ordinances are passed, the owner of the dog will be the one to ultimately be held liable when dog attacks like the one mentioned above occur. For individuals injured due to dog attacks, they may wish to consider speaking to an attorney that understands both personal injury lawsuits and premises liability matters.

We can certainly do more to reduce the number of dog attacks.

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