Drowsy driving, sleep aids attributed to car accident risk

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2013 | Fatigued Driving |

We all could use a little more sleep. The majority of American operate on very little sleep. This can lead to fatigue during the day and problems focusing. To help get more sleep, some people ask their doctors for prescription sleep aids such as Ambien. These sleep aids have been suspected of making people drowsy and groggy in the morning. In some high-profile incidents, people have even gotten in car accidents or been arrested while using these medications.

Now, the Food and Drug Administration is taking a serious look at these medications, and even taking steps to warn about the possibility of impaired driving the morning after taking these medications.

Because of the increase risk of car accidents, the FDA recently decided not to approve a new sleep drug from which some people had trouble driving the next day. The agency has even warned about the use of Benadryl because of the drowsy effects that this over-the-counter medication can have.

While driving tests continue on these drugs, it is important that people taking these medications understand the risks. Using a medication doesn’t mean a person should be able to drive.

If someone is injured in a car accident and another driver was on a medication, that person might be held responsible. Victims of car accidents might be wise to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney in San Antonio, who can help them understand their rights and possibly seek compensation for any injuries. This compensation can pay for current and future medical expenses.

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