Wrongful deaths at workplaces at ten-year high in Texas

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2013 | Work Injuries, Wrongful Death |

People sometimes do dangerous jobs. However, even though a job is dangerous, a person has a right to be safe at their place of employment. Safeguards, policies and procedures should be in place at all workplaces to ensure employees have proper equipment and knowledge to prevent accidents. Despite two years of decreasing fatalities, Texas had the highest number of workplace fatalities in ten years according to data from the U.S. Department of Labor.

According to a report on the increase, the trucking industry in Texas saw the most deaths out of any occupation. Construction deaths and transportation were the highest categories. When someone is killed on the job, the victim’s family might be wise to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney in Texas about a possible wrongful death lawsuit.

After a death, a family goes through a very emotional time, and it is important that they are protected. Sometimes insurance companies or an employer might consider settling with a family for a certain amount of money. While no amount of money can undo a wrongful death accident, compensation can help a family pay for expenses related to an accident.

The family of a workplace wrongful death victim might be forced to make tough financial decisions at a very emotional period in their lives. An attorney can help ensure that they don’t have to sell their house or cash out a retirement account in order to make ends meet. Funeral and medical expenses in addition to lost wages can greatly alter a family’s financial situation.

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