1 killed, 2 injured in car accident north of San Antonio

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2013 | Car Accidents |

Two people were injured and another person was killed in a crash last Friday on State Highway 16. The car accident happened north of San Antonio when a car that was driving north crossed the centerline and hit a southbound car. The two people that were injured had to be flown to a nearby hospital.

While they were listed in stable condition at the hospital after the accident, there is often a lot of trauma to a person’s body after a car accident. Sometimes even if a person doesn’t seem to be hurt after a car accident they can experience symptoms later.

After an accident, a person might be faced with serious medical problems, medical bills, and a loss of income because of missed work. This can be a lot for one person or even one family to handle on their own. On top of these stressors, the victims of car accidents in San Antonio might be faced with pressure from insurance companies of those involved in the accident.

Insurers might try to offer a settlement to the person, even presenting a check to them that they can take as soon as they sign the papers. However, signing any paperwork from insurance companies could limit or prevent a person from seeking additional compensation that they might need for future expenses related to the accident.

Speaking with an experienced San Antonio attorney might be a wise decision. They can help a person understand their rights and evaluate any compensation offers from insurance companies.

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