San Antonio Interstate closed after zesty accident

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2013 | Truck Accidents |

It was 3 a.m. Thursday morning, when a tractor-trailer spilled produce over Interstate 37 in San Antonio. This accident happened after the truck driver reportedly took an exit too fast, causing his tractor-trailer to tip over. The cargo of limes spilled over the highway, causing its closure for nine hours while crews worked to clean up the mess.

While the limes and the tractor-trailer might have been damaged, it is fortunate that no other vehicles were involved in the accident. If another car is involved in a truck accident, the other car might be severely damaged, and the occupants can suffer serious injuries.

San Antonio drivers should be aware of their rights if they are ever involved in a car crash, especially one involving a professional truck driver. These drivers sometimes don’t get enough sleep, causing fatigue and bad driving habits. They might drive much faster than the speed limit or than their vehicle can go safely, putting other drivers on the road at risk.

If a truck has a heavy weight it might be difficult to control. In this case, the driver couldn’t negotiate a curve in the road, resulting in the reported tipping of the truck.

Speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney in San Antonio might be a wise decision for anyone who is injured in a car accident. They can help a crash victim understand their rights and work to protect them from insurance companies that may try to take advantage of their situation. It is important that victims are able to receive compensation to cover their injury expenses.

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