Surgical instruments left in patients can lead to wrongful deaths

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Surgeries are sometimes scheduled out and routine. Other times a surgery
may involve an emergency situation. No matter a person’s reason for
having surgery, they are putting their trust in medical professionals
to complete the medical procedure with the lowest risk possible. However,
sometimes surgeons and medical staff are not properly accounting for surgical
equipment that is used, and it could be left inside a patient.

This can result in a severe medical complication. When a foreign object
is left inside a person, their body might try to attack the object. This
can result in infections and severe pain. A person might not know what
is wrong until they return to the hospital.

If something is left inside a patient after surgery, they will likely require
another surgery. All of these surgeries have risks, and one of the risks might be
wrongful death. According to a recent report, nearly 800 surgical tools have been left
in patients since 2005, and there have been 16 deaths linked to this type
of medical malpractice.

When a family loses a loved one, they might face a wave of emotions. At
the same time they might be trying to figure out how they will make ends
meet. With medical bills coming due, and other monthly expenses, they
might be unable to pay for the things that they need without their loved
one’s income. An experienced Houston personal injury attorney can
help families who lose a loved one in a wrongful death situation to get
compensation that they deserve.
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