3-year-old boy attacked by 2 dogs, suffers serious injuries

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San Antonio readers should be aware that you must keep your pets under control, because even allowing your dog to bite once or twice could result in serious consequences. If your dog or other pet injures another person, you may be liable for medical costs due to the fact that you are supposed to be responsible for your pet. In this case, the animal attacks a 3-year-old boy faced led to him having to be hospitalized.

The news from Nov. 27 states that a 3-year-old boy was badly injured when he was attacked by at least two dogs in the 1400 block of Chelsea Street. The spokesperson for the El Paso Fire Department reported that the boy was attacked at around 5 p.m., and he was taken to University Medical Center for treatment due to the extent of his injuries. No new updates have been made about the child’s current condition.

In Texas, it’s true that most dogs are allowed to bite once before they will have to face more serious consequences, but that may not be true for all dogs, especially those involved in maulings or more serious cases of injury. You may have to fight for insurance coverage for these kinds of injuries, but with legal advice, you should be able to learn the right way to obtain compensation from your own insurance and the insurance of others for the injuries you’ve suffered.

In worst case scenarios, animal attacks can lead to death and serious injuries that require a lifetime of care. If you’ve been seriously injured or lost a loved one because of a mauling or animal attack, you might want to consider speaking to an attorney about your right to compensation.

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