Wrongful death case filed against police for shooting

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San Antonio readers may have heard about a shooting that took place in January 2012. In the case, an 18-year-old man was killed after he allegedly brandished a knife at two police officers in Medford. Now, his family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit for $2 million against the city, according to a Dec. 4 report, because they believe the officers were not trained for the situation properly.

The report states that the family members called the police to their home in Jan. 2012 because a fight had broken out when they were in the process of cooking dinner. Two officers arrived to the scene, according to the news, and were standing near the entrance to the home when the 18-year-old male came out of the house. He was allegedly brandishing a butcher’s knife and was wearing a protective vest. Both officers were armed, one with a stun gun and one with a regular gun. Both allegedly shot at the man at the same time.

It has been reported that the officers had both been trained in suicide prevention, and the family claims that the 18-year-old was not a danger to anyone but himself at the time of the confrontation. They claim the police forced the confrontation that killed the young man. The attorney claims that the police should have known to back off and calm the situation.

If you’ve called the police to your home, the last thing you want is to have someone killed. In this case, the family is seeking compensation for their loss, and in your case, you may want to do so as well. The money won’t bring back your loved one, but it may help you cover expenses like funeral bills and medical costs.

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