Truck accident in Texas takes life of boy

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Texas boasts a vast network of highways which allow for quick transit to and from all areas of the state. However, care must be taken when driving these thoroughfares, as they frequently have many travelers. A safe driver will obey speed limits and always keep his or her eyes on the road. These simple precautions can greatly decrease the chance of disaster.

But sadly and all too often, negligent drivers fail to observe the basic rules of the road, leading to the wrongful deaths and serious injuries of innocent people.

Recently in Houston, an accident involving a semi-truck took the life of a 9-year-old boy. The collision occurred close to Grand Parkway, on HWY 290. The boy was riding in a car with his mother and 8-year-old sister. The truck was traveling at full speed when it hit the car, fatally injuring the young boy. Both the sister and the mother were transported to the hospital via LifeFlight.

In addition, two more vehicles sustained damage when the collision created a chain reaction. The drivers of those vehicles were also taken to the hospital.

Apparently, the man driving the big rig truck admitted that he was texting at the moment of the deadly impact. Driving while texting is a definite act of negligence. Accidents caused by such careless behavior are easily preventable and responsible parties must be held accountable.

An event such as the one described here can irrevocably alter the course of many lives in the most awful way imaginable. The family of the deceased is now left to deal with their grief as they make funeral arrangements. The injured are facing medical bills, emotional trauma and perhaps even permanent bodily harm.

Clearly, in such a situation, money in and of itself cannot fully compensate for all the pain and suffering brought on by such tragedy. However, these incidents bring with them the necessity of financial compensation to cover associated costs. If you ever find yourself dealing with the fallout of an accident caused by the negligence of others you may want to contact a Texas attorney who understands the legal steps necessary to address your needs.

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