Dog attack leads to tragedy in Texas

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Most dog owners in San Antonio understand the importance of properly caring for their beloved pets. They know that good pet ownership extends beyond feeding and exercise. A properly cared for animal is also well trained and mindfully watched over. Good training and supervision help keep pets and those who come in contact with them safe from harm.

When an owned animal attacks a person or another pet, it is the owner who must bear responsibility for the act. Violent altercations involving improperly trained animals can result in truly tragic circumstances for all involved.

Recently, in Dripping Springs, a dog had to be put down by a sheriff’s deputy who, along with another deputy, was responding to a call regarding a personal dispute. The Hays County Sheriff’s office reports that the officers were asked to go inside the home to which they had been called.

After entering the house, the deputies found themselves in the presence of a pit bull, which was exhibiting aggressive behavior. The dog rushed the deputies, who fled to the front yard of the house. The dog maintained his hostile pursuit, trying to bite the officers.

The deputies state they attempted to defend themselves by kicking the animal, but to no avail. Ultimately, the dog was killed by a shot fired by one of the deputies. The incident did not cause injury to either deputy.

Presuming the pit bull’s owner was in the house at the time of the incident, one would wonder why they would allow both the deputies and the dog to be put in such a precarious position. Clearly the animal lacked the training necessary to maintain self-control when agitated.

Quite possibly the owner was simply oblivious to his own dog’s behavioral issues. Seemingly, some pet owners are in denial regarding the potential hazards their animals may pose to others.

Serious problems arise when such an animal is granted the freedom to roam neighborhoods, unleashed and unsupervised. Should you or a member of your family be attacked by an owned dog, the animal’s keeper should be held financially responsible.

In order to recover expenses due to medical bills and other costs attributable to physical and mental trauma, you may wish to consider the services of a Texas personal injury attorney.

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