Texas man dies in personal watercraft accident

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Just watching them can be exhilarating as they glide across the water with a tail of misty spray trailing behind. They are a type of personal watercraft known as Jet Skis. Every weekend, many San Antonio residents like to head out to spots such as Canyon Lake to spend time riding them.

The joy and excitement that can be had racing around on a Jet Ski can sometimes overshadow very important safety issues. These are large, powerful machines which can move very fast. If not properly operated, they could strike, and cause the wrongful death of someone in their path. Therefore, when out on the water, fun must be tempered with caution.

Recently in North Texas, a 42-year-old man was killed when the Jet Ski he was riding collided with another Jet Ski on Joe Pool Lake. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game wardens report that four people were riding on two different jet skis. The accident occurred when the watercraft the man was aboard was broadsided by the other. Reportedly, as the man was taken ashore, he received CPR. Nonetheless, the man died.

At this point, the crash described above is still under investigation with the Texas Game Warden. Such accidents warrant thorough investigations into a number of areas. For instance, did alcohol play any role in what happened, in this case investigators have stated that they do not suspect it did? Was the equipment used by the alleged responsible party properly maintained? Was what happened an unavoidable accident, or was it preventable? If the accident was preventable, then it could be a case of wrongful death.

If you believe someone in your family suffered a wrongful death, then you may wish to consider pursuing legal action. Legal proceedings can serve as a means to getting answers you otherwise might never receive about what happened to your loved one. Additionally, depending on the circumstances, you could be eligible for financial compensation due to your loss. An investigation, spearheaded by a Texas personal injury attorney, may help you get the truth of where responsibility lies.

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