Motorcyclists extremely vulnerable when in accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents |

A motorcycle can be viewed as something more than merely a means of transportation. After all, most people who chose to ride motorcycles could just as easily drive a car. But a motorcycle can instill in its rider a sense of freedom that no car can provide. The reason for this is that riding a motorcycle affords those on board with direct contact with the elements. The motorcyclist is simply not encumbered by the enclosed environment found in a car.

But motorcyclists pay for their sense of freedom by being extremely vulnerable. That same exposure to the elements that feels so liberating while cruising down the road can become very dangerous if a rider is involved in a collision.

Sometimes these collisions are due to the drivers of other vehicles not giving a motorcyclist enough room and respect. Motorcyclists may find themselves crowded by a car that suddenly changes lanes or that turns in front of them. Even the slightest contact from a car can send a rider flying off the motorcycle and toward an uncertain, though likely painful, landing.

Motorcycle accidents can cause extreme bodily harm in the form of broken bones, brain injuries and even death. Drivers who bring about such needless devastation through their negligence behind the wheel can possibly be held accountable for their lack of appropriate care.

If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury for which a negligent driver is responsible, you may be facing long-term hospitalization, surgery, and all the requisite medical expenses. A Texas motorcycle accident attorney may be able to represent your interests in a lawsuit.

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