What would make a dog act aggressively?

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In life, there are few things more wonderful than a friendly, loving dog. For those with a fondness for our canine friends, a dog’s mere presence can brighten up the day. On the other hand, there are few things more frightening than an aggressive dog that appears poised to attack. A physical altercation with a dog can be traumatic and dog bites can be painful.

This blog has previously touched on the subject of dog behavior. Dogs cannot understand our intentions or motivations, so we would do well to try to understand theirs. Understanding why a dog is behaving aggressively may help you avoid getting bitten. So what would motivate man’s best friend to pose an aggressive stance?

There are different reasons that a dog might act aggressively. The Humane Society offers the following as some of the motivating factors that might inspire a dog to be aggressive:

  • Protection of territory. A dog may feel that an area is his or her personal domain. The boundaries of such a domain may be contingent on where the dog frequently walks and urinates.
  • Redirecting aggression. Sometimes a dog may be stifled in their attempt to attack an animal or human being. As a result, they may turn their aggressive behavior on another subject.
  • Responding out of fear. If a dog believes it is facing a threat of harm, it may act out as a means of defending itself. As mentioned earlier, dogs are unable to comprehend our actions so even if you want to be friends, they may not understand.

These motivations for aggression demonstrate different ways dogs may perceive and respond to threats. When you encounter a dog that belongs to someone else, that dog has established behavior patterns and a perception of how the world works. If it feels you are in some way a threat to its world, it may attack.

The responsibility of a dog’s behavior should lie with that dog’s owner. If you or a family member are attacked by a dog, the owner of that dog should be held accountable. Dog bite cases in Texas can be complicated and as such you may consider securing the services of an attorney.