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Among all of the elements necessary to get crude oil up and out of the Texas soil, two in particular seem to come to mind. First, you need heavy machinery for burrowing deep into the ground and performing the extraction process. Second, you need strong workers who have the skills required to operate the equipment. In order to decrease the likelihood of oilfield accidents, a drilling company should take precautions to ensure that their equipment is well maintained and that those operating the equipment are properly trained and qualified.

Recently, a man described as a private contractor was fatally injured while working at a drilling site which was reportedly located 22 miles north of Amarillo. According to a Potter County sheriff, a ditch digging machine caught a hold of the contractor’s leg. The sheriff expressed that the contractor suffered very severe injuries. The contractor received care from emergency medical responders, but nonetheless died on the scene.

Any serious or fatal oilfield accident requires a thorough investigation. In a case such as the one just described, there are a number of key issues that must be examined. For example, the digging machine should be closely inspected to determine if all requisite safeguards were in place. Also, the qualifications and training of the victim should be scrutinized to see if he was indeed qualified to be working on the drilling site.

If you or a member of your family are killed or seriously injured in an oilfield accident, then all involved are suddenly dealing with a very difficult set of circumstances. The emotional trauma of the situation could seem overwhelming. Additionally, you may find that the expenses related to the accident are more than you can possibly cover.

In order to help defray the economic hardships you might find yourself experiencing, you may wish to seek counsel from an attorney who, as a matter of course, handles cases pertaining to oilfield accidents. Such an attorney may be able to help you determine your present and future financial needs and act accordingly in attempting to satisfy those needs.

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