Girl suffers serious dog bite injury in Texas

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It is not uncommon for a neighborhood to have a dog owner who acts totally oblivious to their pet’s behavior. Their dogs are often allowed to run loose and bother the neighbors with impunity. Random encounters with such an animal can be dangerous and terrifying. Children are especially vulnerable should such a dog choose to attack.

This problem can be extremely vexing due to the one-bite rule, which we previously covered on this blog. In Texas, eligibility for compensation in the event of a dog bite depends on whether it can be proven that the dog had previously engaged in harmful or threatening behavior.

This rule could now prove problematic for the family of a 16-year-old girl in Corpus Christi. Recently, the girl was allegedly bitten by a mastiff mix. Reportedly, the bite left the girl with a serious injury to her leg.

The incident is said to have taken place as the girl was walking with her 6-year-old brother past the home where the dog lived. According to the girl’s mother, the bite caused a wound that gushed with blood. The attack also left the girl with injuries on her hands and arms.

The mother says that an ambulance and the police were called. Ultimately the girl received two stitches on the deep bite wound. The girl says that she is still scared. The family believes the dog might have killed the 6-year-old brother had it not gone after the girl instead.

The dog’s owner claims the dog had never before attacked anyone. However, the girl’s mother stated that the owner had been previously told that the dog would harm somebody and should be restrained.

If you or a family member are ever attacked and hurt by a dog, you may want to seek compensation for medical expenses. A Texas personal injury attorney could help you investigate the dog’s history to discover if any complaints had been previously filed. Given the circumstances, the attorney may be able to help you receive recompense.

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