OSHA revises rules regarding reporting of workplace injuries

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When an employee is on a job site, it is reasonable for them to expect
that their employer has taken every required precaution to ensure their
safety. Companies should adhere to all mandated requirements so as to
help workers perform their daily job duties without suffering injuries.

However, should misfortune strike and an employee does suffer a
catastrophic injury that results in serious harm or death, then the employer should report
the incident to the appropriate authorities. Recently, the Occupational
Safety and Health Administration announced
new rule revisions regarding the notification to the administration of certain types of serious injuries.

Specifically, employers must now report to OSHA within eight hours of any
fatal accidents suffered by workers while on the job. Additionally, any
losses of eyes, amputations or inpatient hospitalizations that are due
to work-related accidents must be reported within 24 hours.

An occupational safety and health official stated that serious injuries
resulting in amputations and hospitalizations indicate that the workplace
in question likely merits intervention for the safety of the other employees.

Thomas E. Perez, the U.S. Secretary of Labor, cited statistics indicating
that in 2013, more than 4,400 workers lost their lives in workplace accidents.
He believes these new regulations will help hold employers responsible
for accident prevention.

The sooner a hazard can be addressed, the better it is for everyone who
may work in its proximity. Additionally, prompt reporting to the authorities
may prove helpful in conducting investigations pertaining to the accident.

A full investigation should result whenever a worker is seriously or fatally
injured. Such an investigation can serve as the basis for determining
who holds liability for the incident’s occurrence. Unfortunately,
sometimes companies are not forthcoming with relevant details. They and
their insurance providers may even try to circumvent attempts made by
injured parties or their families to secure fair compensation.

If you are ever seriously injured while on the job, or if you lose a loved
one to a fatal work-related accident, the services of a Texas attorney
who handles catastrophic injury cases may prove helpful in the pursuit
of recompense.
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