Police apprehend driver allegedly responsible for collision

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By and large, cities in Texas are very spread out. This means that many of us depend on cars as our chief form of transportation. It also means that we may spend a lot of time on the road while getting from here to there. And when we go out, we hope that those with whom we are sharing the road are careful and responsible drivers.

Unfortunately, there are those who will get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Worse, sometimes when such drivers get into accidents, they choose to try to escape from the scene, rather than staying to see if anyone was hurt and waiting for the police to arrive.

Recently, an accident occurred at an intersection in San Antonio. Police reported that a pickup truck ran a red light and then crashed into a Suburban. Following the collision, two men, the pickup?s driver and a passenger, allegedly exited the truck and fled the accident scene. According to the police, law enforcement officials soon apprehended the men a few blocks from the scene.

The pickup truck?s driver was charged with evading arrest and DWI. At last report, charges against the passenger are pending. EMS looked over the driver of the Suburban who is expected to be fine.

When an impaired driver speeds through a red light, it is only good luck that prevents a serious or even fatal motor vehicle accident. The impact of a car or truck crash can cause terrible damage and seriously injure drivers and passengers. Victims of such accidents could suffer brain, spine or neck injuries that may prove life-altering.

Drivers who cause accidents should be held liable for their dangerous actions. If you are involved in a collision attributable to a negligent driver, you may want to get in touch with a Texas attorney who handles auto accident cases. The attorney may be able to help you get an amount of compensation that can cover your present and future expenses.

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