Mail carriers being taught how to ward off attacking dogs

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Almost anyone could be the victim of a vicious dog attack. Just taking
a stroll around the neighborhood might lead to a harmful encounter. But
for some people, dog bites are a constant threat due to the requirements of their jobs.

Take for example, mail carriers. Everyday, mail carriers must go onto people’s
property in order to make their deliveries. Given the very territorial
nature of some dogs, attacks are almost inevitable.

In California, some mail carriers are receiving training on how to protect
themselves during dog attacks. The methodology taught in the training
is actually quite simple; use the mail bag as a shield.

According to the training instructor, if a dog sees something large, such
as the bag, coming at it’s face, it will typically respond by retreating.
And even if the dog attacks, the bag will steal the dog’s attention,
giving the carrier the opportunity escape after dropping the bag.

So while mail carries hold a greater risk of being attacked by dogs, they
at least have something with which to defend themselves at the ready.
Such is often not the case with the average child or adult walking down
a sidewalk who could face a dog attack unprotected.

Being the victim of a dog bite can be a terrifying and painful experience.
A negligent dog owner may be held liable if his or her dog bites someone.

Since Texas has a one-bite rule, getting recompense for medical expenses
from a negligent dog owner is not always easy. A Texas personal injury
attorney may be able to help you prove the dog has a history of biting.
If such evidence is uncovered, you have a better chance of filing a successful
suit or claim for compensation.

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