Pool operator negligence could result in drownings

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Summer is on the horizon, which in Texas means long, hot days. But this is not such a bad thing when you consider that a hot day is a perfect day to jump into a swimming pool and enjoy a cooling dip. But safety is always a concern when swimming. Swimmers can suffer serious injuries if pool operators do not take proper precautions to ensure their pools are safe.

The federal government has enacted regulations to help keep swimmers safe and prevent drowning accidents. Pool operators are legally obliged to abide by these regulations.

Issues involving pool drains are covered by the regulations. Pool drains that are designed to recirculate water can create a very powerful suction. Should a swimmer get caught in the suction of a drain at the bottom of a pool, he or she may be unable to resurface before drowning.

In order to prevent such tragedies, pools should be equipped with drain covers. While newer styles of drain covers have proven to be up to the task of limiting the force of suction, many older models have not.

Even though it is in everyone’s best interests for pool operators to install the right kind of drain covers, some opt to do otherwise in order to save money. But such negligence can lead to drowning accidents.

Losing a loved one in a drowning accident could leave a family devastated. The emotional toll exacted by such an event may be simply overwhelming. If the accident was due to the negligent actions of a pool operator, the family may wish to file a wrongful death suit in order to pay for funeral and other expenses.

A Texas wrongful death attorney may be able to offer guidance and service to a family recovering from the sudden death of a family member. The attorney could investigate the incident and advise on how fair compensation may be acquired.